Ongoing Events
December 31, 2020

Kathleen Leeson

The Wisdom of Plants Herbal Apprenticeship Program Fun & Practical Introductory Herbal and Traditional Healing Education with Kathleen Leeson RH, is open to anyone over 15 years of age and both genders are welcome.

Susan Elliotson: Pick-Your-Own Herbs

From time to time throughout the season, there is an excess of herbs for harvesting. Check here for details of the herbs and their readiness.

Penelope Beaudrow

The Science and Art of Herbalism Home Study Course

Last Tuesday of each month (Sept thru May) 7:00 – 8:30 pm at Dogwood & Brambles Farm.

The Science & Art of Herbalism Home Study Course emphasizes self-care, home health, and self-reliance. More than any one system of healing, herbalism offers a low cost alternative to health care. This self-empowering joyful course is recognized as one of the best home study courses available on this subject. Written by Rosemary Gladstar (40 years of herbal wisdom) and facilitated by Penelope Beaudrow (20 + years of herbal wisdom).

The Science & Art of Herbalism guides you into the very heart of herbalism. It instills in the student both the necessary skills to practice this ancient healing art as well as a profound understanding of the spirit and essence of herbalism. Penny is your instructor throughout this course, bringing a wealth of herbal knowledge, excellent training skills, and a passionate love of herbs to this course. Written in an inspiring and joyful manner, The Science & Art of Herbalism  was designed specifically for students requesting a systematic, in-depth study of herbs but who were unable to attend full time residential herb programs. It contains a depth of knowledge and a lively student/teacher interaction seldom found in home study courses.

Though it thoroughly instills in the student the practical skills necessary to practice herbal home health care, it doesn’t ignore the rich spirit and essence of herbalism. The heart of this course is the development of a deep personal relationship with the plant world.

Course Includes:

Each lesson will have herbs that must be purchased for study purposes (materia medica).  The Ginkgo Tree will prepare small quantities to keep costs down for students.

For more information please visit The Ginkgo Tree

The Living Centre

Medicinal Herb Walks
Forest Garden Tours

Living Earth School of Herbalism

Online Distance Learning Courses
Living Earth School of Herbalism provides quality education in Western herbalism and related subjects for those who wish to pursue a career as a professional herbalist or who want to learn about herbs and herbal medicine for their own general interest. Living Earth is now offering online distance learning courses. The first online courses are Healing With Herbs and the Introductory Class of Herbal Field Studies. Students may enrol at any time and work at their own pace. For more information or to register visit the Programs & Curriculum and Registration sections of the Living Earth website. You can also like the Living Earth Facebook Page to be informed as more courses become available.

Living Earth Herbal Field Studies Field Workshops
This is a series of seven full-day outdoor field workshops running monthly from April to October. The online Introductory Class establishes the theoretical foundation for the field workshops and provides an excellent overview of wild plant identification and ethical wild-harvesting. It is useful to any herbal student or herb enthusiast who wants to develop a more intimate knowledge of wild herbs. There is no prerequisite necessary to take the Introductory Class. The Introductory Class is a prerequisite for attending any of the field workshops. For more information or to register visit the Programs & Curriculum  and Registration sections of the Living Earth website.

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