July 30 - Aug 4: Spirit of Herbs with Michael Vertolli, RH


Although the conventional belief is that the vast wealth of knowledge of the medicinal uses of herbs that has been accumulated by traditional cultures around the globe has resulted from trial and error, the truth is that much of this knowledge and wisdom has come from a more intuitive source. The ability to directly connect with the many beings with whom we share the Earth, including plants, has long been considered one of the most important attributes of traditional healers. In the last few centuries, reductionism, rationalism and materialism have come to characterize the philosophy that underlies Western medical dogma. This has also had a significant influence on the practice of herbalism. The focus of the curricula of many herbal schools has shifted to the study of the pharmacological properties of chemical constituents of herbs as demonstrated in animal, in vitro and human clinical studies. As a result, the intuitive side of herbalism has been largely forgotten at a great cost to our effectiveness as healers. To truly master the art and science of herbalism it is necessary to develop both its intellectual and intuitive elements and find a balance between the two so that each supports and enhances the other.

There are many theories that have been proposed to explain the intuitive aspects of herbalism, however, it can not be fully understood intellectually and must be directly experienced. The Spirit of Herbs workshops are intended to help participants to obtain this experience and ultimately to be able to integrate it into their daily lives and healing practice, for those who have chosen such a path.

Although the content of these workshops may be practiced by individuals of any philosophy or faith, it does require an open-minded attitude. Some people may have difficulty accepting some of the views that are expressed. Anyone who is concerned about this should enquire further before enrolling in any of these workshops.

The Spirit of Herbs workshops are not intended to initiate you into the practice of shamanism although they do include some practices that are common to many shamanic traditions. The shamanic path is a life-long commitment. To be initiated into this path requires many years of intensive apprenticeship. This can not be accomplished in a few short workshops.

The Spirit of Herbs is a six day intensive workshop that focuses on the energetic and intuitive elements of herbalism. It will help you to expand your awareness of herbs and Nature. This workshop includes a variety of meditation and attunement exercises that will help you to experience a greater awareness of and connection with all aspects of the natural world, and to develop your ability to intuit medicinal and energetic information directly from plants. The remainder of the workshop provides the theoretical background and guidelines to help you to integrate this knowledge and experience into your daily life. You will also learn how to make and work with flower essences.

The information and techniques used in this workshop are based on a unique synthesis that draws upon the philosophy and practices of North American and Eastern healing traditions.

Space is limited. It is best to register early as the workshop often fills up.

Date: Sunday July 30 to Friday August 4, 2017

Time: 10am – 5pm

Location: Maple Sweet, Rocklyn, Ontario

Tuiton: $850

Food and Accommodations: The fee for the workshop includes the cost of meals and accommodations. The meals are mostly vegetarian and organic as much as possible. Indoor accommodations consist of shared rooms that sleep two persons. Occasionally single rooms are available. Tenting is also an option.

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