Herbal Education

Core Programs

The Ontario Herbalists Association maintains educational standards which must be met as a requirement for professional membership. The following schools offer programs that meet these qualifications, and graduates are eligible for professional membership.

There are a large number of herbal programs that do not train students to a level accepted by the OHA. Potential students who eventually wish to apply for professional membership, are strongly advised to compare the OHA education standards with the cirriculum of their school of choice before making a commitment.

We encourage schools to apply for pre-approval of programs that appear to meet our educational requirements. Please complete and return the application forms, or contact us at for additional information. Here is the OHA's guidance document for further information..


Diane Kent, email:, 647-296-4372
Clinical Herbalist Diploma Program
This two year full-time program is offered as a combination of correspondence modules, audio classes, and weekend hands-on clinical experience. The flexibility of the program allows students to schedule much of their own study time, without sacrificing the all-important hands-on training and personal interaction.
Diane also offers a Herbal Basics interest course and advanced workshops.

Living Earth School of Herbalism
905-303-8723 ext. 1
Program Director: Michael Vertolli BSc, RH
Living Earth offers distance learning and in-class workshops in Western Herbalism.
Traditional Herbalist Diploma Program
1,500 hours, mostly online plus intensive practical and clinical workshops.
Also offered are online distance learning general interest courses such as the Holistic Herbal Studies Certificate Program, field workshops and intensive workshops.

Institute of Traditional Medicine
Toronto, Ontario
Clinical Herbalism Diploma
This diploma program includes over 2000 hours of study and 400 hours of clinical internship. Students receive instruction from a wide array of both local and international herbalists, traditional medicine practitioners, healers, and teachers who specialize in various areas such as biomedicine, counselling, nutrition, earth-based education, and more. This flexible program offers a structure of mainly correspondence courses, with on-site clinical internship that is held once a month at ITM, and optional in-class study for many courses.
ITM also offers professional education programs in Integrative Health Studies, Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, and Therapeutic Western Herbalism, as well as a wide array of Professional Development trainings.

National Institute
Brampton, Ontario
Diploma in Ayurveda
A 1500 Hour diploma in Ayurveda includes lectures, seminars and supervised clinic.

Spirit of the Earth: The Living Centre
London, Ontario
Contact: Walter Shantree Kacera
519-652-0230 or 519-652-9109
Herbalist Educator and Practitioner Diploma Programs
The Living Centre Eco-Spiritual Education & Retreat Sanctuary- Est. 1983
Offers certification courses both as correspondence and apprenticeships in Practical, Therapeutic & Shamanic Herbalism and other courses in the Natural Healing Arts.
Some additional science hours are arranged through a local college, to meet OHA professional membership requirements.
PLEASE NOTE: In addition to this program, a minimum of 350 hours of clinical training is required to qualify for OHA professional membership.

Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine
1173 Davenport Rd., Toronto, Ontario
416-925-5722  1-855-888-8565
Chinese Herbology Diploma
This diploma program includes over 1900 hours of study and can be completed in 3 years studying part-time over 9 semesters. The program combines Eastern and Western medical theory, 480 hours of clinical practice and internships. In addition to herbology, the curriculum includes training in eastern nutrition, TCM Theory & Diagnostics, advanced Formula preparation, Internal & External Medicine, Gynaecology & Paediatrics.
Eight Branches also offers diploma programs in Acupunture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Dominion Herbal College
Burnaby, British Columbia
Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Program
4 Year Distance Learning
Dominion Herbal College (DHC) is North America's Oldest School of Herbal Medicine. Founded in 1926 by Dr.Herbert Nowell, DHC provides the best source of herbal studies offering online and distance education programs from basic to clinical levels and educating students to become competent in the field of Herbal Medicine. DHC is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA). DHC is the inspiration of many famous Herbalists. Dr. John Christopher, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ella Birzneck, Jethro Kloss and Dr. Earl Mindell are only a few of the renowned graduates who got their start in Herbal Medicine with DHC.

Dominion Herbal College also offers:
- Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program - 1 Year Distance Learning (also available online)
- Master Herbalist Diploma Program - 1 Year Distance Learning
- Herbal Consulting Diploma Program - 1 Year Distance Learning

Flora Medicina
Offers introductory level classes and practicums, plus a three-year, 1000+ hours training course for practitioners (in French)
PLEASE NOTE: In addition to this program, a minimum of 350 hours of clinical training is required to qualify for OHA professional membership.

Pacific Rim College
Offers a three year Diploma of Phytotherapy that explores the medicinal uses of North American and European herbs. Students will study both traditional knowledge of herbal medicine- that which is passed downed through various traditions over the ages and modern day, scientific-based knowledge.

Wild Rose College of Natural Healing
Calgary, Alberta
Clinical Herbalist Diploma Program
Three-year, in-class program; some courses are available as correspondence or on-line.
Wild Rose also offers a Master Herbalist Diploma Program, in-class, correspondence or on-Line, full-time or part-time, a Practical Herbalist Diploma Program, and a Wholistic Therapist Diploma Program


Health Schools Australia
Queensland, Australia
Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine
300 seminar + clinic hours, correspondence, NHAA approved course
Health Schools Australia also offers many other Diploma Programs and General Interest courses.

International College of Herbal Medicine
Gisborne, New Zealand
Clinical Programme
Three-year, online program
The International College of Herbal Medicine also offers many other courses.

United Kingdom
For programmes accredited by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), UK please go to:

United States of America
For programs listed on the American Herbalists Guild website, please go to: and look for their Directory of Herbal Education

The following is a list of courses and apprenticeships offered by OHA Professional Members. Additional workshops may be listed on the Herbal Events page:

Diane Kent MNIMH, RH
Toronto, Ontario
647-296-4372 e-mail:
Workshops, and introductory courses in Herbal Medicine

Kathleen Leeson RH
Ottawa, ON
613-237-1473Wisdom of Plants Herbal Apprenticeship Program

Little Nettle Herb Farm
Port Burwell, Ontario
Contact: Christine Dennis RH
519-874-4532 e-mail:
Herbal identification, plant studies, wildcrafting, gardening medicine making & therapeutics workshops and apprenticeships

Monika Ghent RH, Traditional Western Herbalist
Dreaming Willow Natural Therapies
Toronto, Ontario
416-537-8842 e-mail:
Courses in field identification, herbal remedy making, plant spirit journeying & natural skincare

Susan Elliotson RH
Caledon, Ontario
Workshops, and interest courses

John Redden RH
Viriditas Herbal Products
2775 Dundas St West, Suite 101
Toronto, ON, M6P 1Y6
Tinctures & Salves
Consultations & Apprenticeships
Courses & Field Guides
Ph: 416-767-3428
Fax: 416-767-1215
Herbal Medicine for Our Changing Times.pdf
Medical Herbalism Course Flyer for 2011 (a .pdf file)

Athabasca University, Canada
Wild Flower correspondence course with 10-day field study component under Biology 321